Terms of Service


Last updated August 19th, 2023

By engaging in business with Isabella Tugman of Izzy Voice LLC (The Talent), You (The Client) Agree to the Following:

  1. Client expressly agrees not to utilize any portion of the recording or performance of Talent for purposes other than those specified in the initial Agreement between the parties, including but not limited to the creation of synthetic voices or for machine learning.
  2. Specifically, Client shall not utilize any recording or performance of Talent to simulate
    Talent’s voice or likeness, or to create any synthesized or “digital double” voice or likeness of Talent.
  3. The client specifically agrees not to sell or transfer ownership of all or part of any of the recordings or performances of Talent to any third party without Talent’s knowledge and consent.
  4. Client agrees not to enter into any agreements or contracts on behalf of Talent, which utilizes all or any part of any of the recordings or performance of Talent without Talent’s knowledge and consent.
  5. Client agrees that any recordings or performances stored in digital format will be reasonably stored so that unauthorized third parties may not gain access to the files containing Talent’s voice or likeness. If such files are stored in “the cloud,” the Client agrees to safeguard the same through encryption or other “up-to-date” technological means.
  6. Client agrees that any audio files recorded by Talent remain her property unless and until otherwise contracted.
  7. Client agrees that any Broadcast and Paid Placement usage of Talent’s audio files must be defined in a written contract.