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Interviewed for WIRED Magazine!

By August 19, 2023No Comments
I am honored to have been interviewed for this WIRED article by Grant Stoner about accessibility for actors.
This is one of my quotes that was featured:
“The power of storytelling is what I’m most passionate about in life, and it’s an incredible tool to help us as humans connect and empathize with each other and hear from voices that have often been silenced.”
There is a slight misrepresentation in the article that I ONLY can work remotely. I am able and willing to work in studios and travel to do so. However, there have been times in the past, like during COVID and bad health periods, that going into a studio would have been difficult or risky for me.
While I’ve had my share of health issues and obstacles to contend with, I never say I have a “disability.” I believe I am capable of doing anything I set my mind to, but I just have to make certain adjustments or allowances sometimes to accommodate my needs. I like to think of life like a game, and I’m just playing it on “Hard” mode.
All I ask is for the world to see the incredible pool of talented and hardworking individuals available, that would be untapped without accessibility and the availability of remote work. For more on this topic, please read the WIRED article linked below:
Izzy Tugman

Author Izzy Tugman

Isabella “Izzy” Tugman is a professional Voice-Over Artist, Actor, Singer, and Film Producer based out of Phoenix, AZ. She has also lived and worked in the Los Angeles, New York City, Austin, and Kansas City markets. Izzy has a Bachelors Degree in Music from Thomas Edison State University. In addition, she is a graduate of a rigorous two-year college performing arts program from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy (AMDA) in Los Angeles. She also spent two years as a Vocal Performance major at the University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC), where she studied to be an opera singer. Having spent a lifetime acting and singing on the stage, in front of the camera, and behind the microphone, a career in voice-over harmoniously blends her talents for voice, acting, story-telling, and language. Isabella is an incredibly hard-working individual who is committed to quality. She works consistently to improve on her talents and her business while maintaining a strong sense of integrity and a positive attitude. When she’s not pursuing her career goals, Izzy loves to sing, dance, read, practice yoga, play video games, travel, and indulge in spicy foods. An animal lover, she has two cats and two small dogs that might as well be cats. When looking for a Voice-Over Professional, Izzy is the Voice of Choice!

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